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Paint Correction Services

Let us be your last stop before the body shop! Our passion is your car. Our color specialists are skilled to remove paint defects such as swirl marks (micro scratches), holograms (buffer trails), scratches, hard water spots, and any other imperfections to restore your vehicles finish back to a beautiful gloss.

Level I - Price $295-$495

  • Hand Wash 

  • Paint Decontamination

  • Clay Bar Treatment 

  • Trim and Rubber mask off

  • Machine Polish

Objective: Refresh your paint with this package,  remove oxidations and brightens up paint. 

Level II - Price $595-$895

  • Includes Level I 

  • Machine Compound

  • Multiple Machine Polishing Steps

  • Machine Finish Polishing

  • Protectant Sealant 

Objective: Properly and safely correct paint finish of imperfections such as swirl marks, light scratches, & holograms...etc.


Level III - Price $895+ 

  • Includes Level + Level II 

  • Wet sanding spots and/or entire vehicle 

Objective: This level of service will be perform to safely reach 90-95% correction on your vehicles paint.  We will be able to remove deeper scratches, bird etching, texture (orange peels)..etc  

Please note:  We will need to inspect your vehicle in person to provide a quote. 

Estimated time: TBD according to desired results


If you want to further protect your paint from everyday contamination elements and the idea of easy maintenance is appealing, then our Ceramic Coating is highly recommended! 


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